Hello, I'm Vincent

Welcome to my online place...

This website has been asleep for more than 10 years and the time finally came to build it into something more than a simple "nothing to be seen here" page. I promised a launch on the 1st of July and let's face it, it won't really happen. I've been busier than I expected, so it will be a "soft launch". It remains a work in progress - come back and check for more.

I suppose most of you know me as the founder of FoxATM and an active Linkedin user. This is a great starting point but there is more and this is what I want to share here.

This is still a work in progress but what I'd like to share here are ideas worth sharing in my blog, which is about entrepreneurship, culture, travel, technology, and more. It is a personal blog and the only rules it follows are set by my posting compass.

I also have a passion for aviation and photography and my best pictures are available on www.shortfinalartgallery.com and RedBubble - have a look, they have cool products and not only great wall art. Don't worry about the quality: two of my own pictures hang on my living room's wall!


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